Asset Management for All of Us.

You want to manage your assets in your company, store or home. Track where are the assets and who is current custodian of the asset, Or how much the services cost for one asset over it's life time? and so on the Ozosoft Asyeo Software is your answer for asset management.

Ozosoft Asyeo Software is the most cost effective and flexible asset control and asset maintenance software system available for Windows. Ozosoft Asyeo is your solution that will help you to stay one step ahead of the competition

Asyeo with sample data

Get Started in Seconds

Getting to manage your assets is lightning quick with sample database filled with start up reference data, train yourself and other users to use or try software features on sample data is save time and safer for your real data. You can create new database file and start from scratch, Or get a jumpstart on by using sample database and delete or purge not needed data.

Start entering your assets and persons data and you ready to go with built-in reports and tracking assets locations, services and all other assets data.

Asyeo with sample data

Track Assets Data

Store all your asset informations like asset photos, organization, custodian, location, cost center, barcode, services done on the asset, Notes with attachments, color, Shape, size, ...even Leasing, Warranty and Purchasing information.
Attach pictures, manuals, contracts and other files easily to assets.

Easily Create new assets by just selecting which product from your products catalog and all product data fill relevant fields in the asset data.

Asyeo with sample data

Catalog Your Products

Catalog products you have or you plan to buy. Store product photos, title, category, product manufacturer and product web page URL. Attach pictures, manuals, contracts and other files easily to products. Track what assets linked with each product.

Group data by any column like group the products by manufacturer. Also filter the data by values or range of values using column headers.

Track products vendors and contacts.Track products price offers and purchase prices from different vendors.

Asyeo with sample data

Define Your Company Structure

Define your company structure like define jobs and assign persons on those jobs so you can generate reports based on jobs or filter persons by jobs same apply for cost centers, location, organization, organization type.

Also you can define multi-company data and departments hierarchy under each company.

Track Cost Centers Expenses

Track Cost Centers Expenses

Track asset expenses in asset services data management, You can track and store all asset expenses either Inspection, Maintenance, Repair, Service or any type of expense you wish to track.

Attach work order, invoice, contracts and other files easily to the service done on the asset.

Analysis expenses monthly or per any period and what assets types costs you more.

Personnel Data

Manage Personnel Data

Manage personnel information and track assets assigned to each person, Store person photo, SSN, type either Employee, Applicant, Contingent Worker, Ex-Contingent Worker, Ex-Employee, External and other person related information.

Data Grouping Also you can group persons by location, organization, cost center, gender or any person information.

Full filtering capability to search or filter data by any cell value or range of values or define complex filter using Filter Editor.

Change Application Theme

Change Application Theme

Whether you prefer the standard look and feel of Microsoft Office or wish to have a unique experience, the Ozosoft Asyeo Themes and Skins give you a multitude of options and built so that application never remain stagnant and always meet your expectations.

You can select application skin from dozens of available skins like Summer, Pumpkin, Xmas and Valentine Or from Microsoft® Office® inspired skins: Office 2013, 2010, 2007 and others.

Download the fully functional 30 day evaluation version. and see for yourself all skins.

Data entry customization

Customize Data Entry Screens

Customize Data Entry Screens with drag and drop to match your needs by removing not needed fields, rearrange fields order or adding hidden fields.

Data Entry Screens customization is saved per user, So each software user can have his/her own screens that fit wit work needs.

Also you select 'Reset Layout' to revert screen layout to it's standard layout and revert any customization.

Export data to variety of formats

Export Data Easily

Exporting data to variety of formats with simple right-click or from application menu.You can arrange data columns order, filter data and add data summaries then export the result.

Farther data customization and formating can be done on exported data like exporting data to XLSX file format and then create charts.

Reports for all of your needs

Reports for All of Your Needs

Ozosoft Asyeo include reports that is used in day to day needs. You can use those reports 'as is' or even cutomize them to add your company logo or change the paper size and ...etc.

Watermarks You can add your a collection of watermarks set for either all or specified report pages.

Exporting and Sending by E-mail You can export your reports and send them by e-mail by simply clicking a button in Print Preview. You can export to image, PDF, HTML, MHT, RTF, TXT, CSV, XPS and MS Excel formats.

When exporting your report to an image, you can choose among the following image types: BMP, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF and WMF.

Design your own Reports with charts and barcode support.

Design Your Own Reports

Ozosoft Asyeo include a full featured report designer, report creation wizards, built-in previews, data parametrization, charts and mail merge, to name just a few.

WYSIWYG Preview - Preview your reports exactly the same way they look when printed on paper.

Full Set of Native Controls - A lot of report controls available: Label, Line, BarCode, CheckBox, PageInfo, Panel, PictureBox, PageBreak, Table, ZipCode, etc.

Print and scan barcode in differant formats

Print and Scan Barcode

Full barcode support saves you time and hassle. Printing barcodes from Ozosoft Asyeo in standard or any format directly onto labels or label sheet with normal printer.

Simply attach a Barcode reader to your PC and it will fully integrate into the software, saving time and reducing errors by scanning item code.

The specialized BarCode control supports dozens of standard barcode types like Codabar Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, EAN 8, GS1-128 - EAN-128, GS1- Data Matrix, Matrix 2 of 5, MSI/Plessey, PDF417 and others.

Download new reports for free

Download New Reports Free!

New reports will be available with new software releases or can be downloaded from Ozosoft web site and imported into the software using "Import Reports" option.

Buy now for the low price of $76.95 (US) with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee or try it out for free, download the fully-functional 30 day evaluation version. See for yourself and download a trial program today! Our software runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 (both 32 and 64 bit).