BioAccess is a software pdroduct that connect and manage multiple fingerprint readers connected across either a wired or wireless network.
BioAccess's primary job is to manage the network of fingerprint readers. Each time someone logs in or out on a fingerprint reader, that transaction is stored on the reader itself and also sent over the network to BioAccess, where it is archived in a database. BioAccess can monitor thouthands of fingerprint readers across multiple access groups.

In case of a network outage and once the network became online BioAccess will sync any new users data with all reader and collect all new transactions from all fingerprint readers and ensure that no transactions are lost.

BioAccess also allows you to add / edit / delete users and access groups from your biometric system, and to control each user's access group. BioAccess also provides an audit trail in case reports need to be generated.

Finally, because BioAccess archives all of the in and out transactions from all fingerprint readers, it is a key component of any biometric attendance solution. Administrators can run basic attendance reports from BioAccess using builtin report generator or design thier own reports.

Your Businesses either large or small will save hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars by taking advantage of the fully autmated prccesses with BioAccess starting from enrolment and verification and managing access groups.


  • Full automated templates collectiong and distributing.
  • Automated near to Real-Time transactions handling and collections.
  • Support for different types of databases like MS Access, MS SQL, MS Oracle and even Sybase.
  • Ability to define groups (by mean of user groups) and then add few devices to that group and add few employees/users to that group so only those users will exist on attached devices to the same group.
  • Storage of camera photos on the back-end DB so all users will be able to see photos based on their access rights.
  • Any data can be exported in variates of formats like XLs, PDF, Html, csv, and other formats.
  • Auto photo rotation either rotated 90 degree or 180 degree based on camera rotation.
  • Auto time sync with the devices if realtime enabled.
  • Auto synchronize of transactions, New users/enrollment, Server time.
  • End user report generator and also an easy to use report designer.
  • It has a service component that run on a PC or server.