Discipline is an approach used by management to modify undesirable performance and behavior through the use of a corrective action process. At the onset of any employee performance or conduct issues, supervisors are strongly encouraged to contact Employee Relations staff for assistance.

The purpose of discipline is to encourage employees to behave sensibly at work, that is, adhere to rules and regulations. Disciplinary action is called for when an employee violates one of the rules.

Discipline in an organization ensures productivity and efficiency.

Our system is quite easy to understand and use discipline management, which consist of:

  • Person Violation Case
  • Group Violation Case
  • Group violation reviews
  • Discipline Action

Person Violation Case and the Group Violation Case: from the name we easily realize that The Person Violation Cases is committed by individual person, while the group violation case is committed by a group of people.

Each Person violation case has Person Discipline Action. After the responsible management investigate the incident, they will decide the proper disciplinary action.

Ozosoft ERP allows you to add as many reviews to the group violation case as you may need.