What are the modules in ozosoft ERP?2021-07-08T00:47:04+00:00



What is Ozosoft ERP ?2021-07-08T00:47:40+00:00

Ozosoft ERP is an HR Management software that envisions building a happier workforce.

Ozosoft  takes care of all your HR processes while you take care of your employees.

The most advanced Open Source HR Management software works well for both small and large sized enterprises.

Is Ozosoft ERP available in my country ?2021-07-08T00:13:29+00:00

You can use Ozosoft ERP system in any country.

How much training do I need to use the system ?2021-07-08T00:16:58+00:00

Ozosoft ERP is easy to use. Many of our customers have found that providing a cheat sheet with basic functions is enough for general employees to use the system successfully. Some senior or functional managers (e.g., training & development, safety officer, etc.) may require some additional training. Training is provided in a train-the-trainer format: application administrators, HR staff, and senior managers are trained to use the complete application. Then they can provide training to other employees as required.

can I manage security roles and record access rights ?2021-07-08T00:20:11+00:00

Yes. You can create new security roles and manage access rights using our online tools. The database administrator generally does these tasks.

Is report designer tool available in the system ?2021-07-08T19:53:52+00:00

Ozosoft ERP offers two levels of reporting available.

  • Standard – over 30 standard reports are included providing regulatory reporting, HR records and details, and key business metrics like headcount tracking. You can  export them in Microsoft Excel, CSV, or PDF format.
  •  report designer tool – with this you can design your custom reports . This tool provides drag and drop report creation, report scheduling and dashboard reporting.
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