Ozosoft ERP Version History

 Find the details to every update here.

Version History

Version 21.05.29 (29th May 2021)

New Features

  • ‘Name’, ‘Description’ properties added to “Competency Test” entity.
  • ‘Name’, ‘Sub Currency’, ‘Symbol’, ‘Short Description’ & ‘Description’ properties added to “Currency” entity.
  • “Training Request Type” entity added under ‘Training/Setup”.
  • “Training Sponsor” entity added under “Training/Setup”.
  • “Trainee Type” entity added under “Training/Setup”.
  • “Training Site” entity added under “Training/Setup”.
  • “Training Provider” entity added under “Training/Providers”.
  • “Lecturer” entity added under ‘Training/Providers”.
  • “Training Provider Course” entity added under “Training/Providers”.
  • “Training Provider Event” entity added under “Training/Providers”.
  • “Training Request” entity added under “Training/Requests”.
  • “Certificate Rate” entity added to Competencies.
  • ‘Due Date’ property Added to “Person Discipline Action”.

Version 21.02.09 (9th February 2021)

New Features

  • “Violation Category”, “Violation Sub Category” entity added.
  • “Person Duty” Added.
  • Minor UI enhancements : Group Style=”Title” Items distance increased.
  • Filters and Full Text Search moved to Ribbon pages header area.
  • Office inspired document editor entity ‘Mail Merge Data’
  • “Mail Merge template” entity added to Report module.
  •  Add “Add from File…”, “Open” and “Drag and Drop” actions which allow you to add Attachments to all entities.
  • “Discipline”  module Added to the system.

Version 21.01.30 (30th January 2021)

New Features

  • “Duties Definition” Added Which will make you easily define different duties.
  • “Attendance Policy” Added by which you add different policies to attendance.
  • “Day Shift” entity added.
  • “Shift Schedule”, “Weekly Schedule” & “Days Schedule” entities Added.
  • “Duty” entity and “Duty Period” sub-entity added.
  • “Organization Unit Duty”, “Person Group Duty” & “Person Duty” entities Added.
  • “Attendance Period”, “Person Attendance Period” & “Person Attendance Day” entities added.

Version 20.12.19 (19th December 2020)

New Features

  • “Person Driving Licenses” Added, by which you can add driving license info to person.
  • ‘New Fiscal Year Wizard’ Action.
  • ‘New Fiscal Period Wizard’ Action.
  • Adding initial ‘Company’ data.
  • Adding initial ‘Source Journals’ data.
  • “General Ledger Setup” added to the system.