Unified Platform For Quick Access

Ozosoft dashboard encompasses all the vital details of an organization. It provides insight to information like the number of payslips generated, the running contracts, timesheets, broad factor and checking/checkout status in a single click. As well as it shows the current user’s details like name, position, joined details etc.

Employee Leave Request Analysis

Ozosoft Dashboard provides an overview about leave requests send by employees to the HR Manager. HR Manager can see all the leave requests sent in different time periods like today, the current month and all requests.

Employees Details In Various Departments

System offers an advanced reporting functionality. Many interesting KPIs about Human Capital
Management can easily be showcased in the form of predefined dashlets. User create a
different and simply place it on main dashboard.
Ozosoft HCM also allows the user to define his own Dashboards in different forms like: Pie, Donut,
Chart, Tree-map, Cards and Grid.
Ozosoft HCM made it very simple to export the dashboard to PDF, Image or Excel.

Upcoming Birthdays

HR Manager can know whose birthday is coming up in the Dashboard itself. Ozosoft HR Dashboard shows all the upcoming birthdays as a list.

Employee Leave Analysis

Another feature of Ozosoft HR Dashboard is the detailed leave analysis of the entire organization. The authorized user can easily understand the total number of leaves taken in different months via bar graph and total number of leaves per department via pie chart view.