List view

1- Data Sorting

The List view allows you to easily sort your data Ascending or Descending by any field regardless it’s datatype. you also can remove all the sorting by pressing Clear all sorting

2- Columns Arrangement

When it comes the list view columns, our List view is very fixable, you can arrange the columns by the ease of drag and drop, just like that, or hide them as well.

3- Data Grouping The data grouping has been made very easy from the list header, we just right click on any column and press Group by this column, you can also right click on any column and press “Show Group-by Box” for better control in grouping by items as we can make two level grouping, and control it easy by drag and drop, and also easily clear it by right clicking the Group by box and selecting “Clear grouping”

4- Column Chooser

The Column Chooser is very useful tool where the user can easily control his data list view by adding the columns which he wants to view or hiding unusual columns for him with the ease of drag and drop, which make the work area flexible and comfortable for each user.

5- Best Fit

best fit allows the user to fit the data in a simple and easy way and best fit all columns as well.

6- Auto Filter Row

The Auto Filter Row is very easy and powerful tool to filter data by each column added to the List view, the user able to combine filters as many as he needs to, Ozosoft guarantee the data filtering is powerful and has made easy for beginner users.

7- Filter Editor

The Filter Editor is an advanced tool allows the user to edit the filtering conditions. add, remove or list many difference condition typesfor professional data results.

8- Find Panel

is general search panel you can show it by right click on any column header and selecting “Show Find Panel” Option,

it allows you to search in all the fields.

9- All the Right click options explained in the Intro video except last option which allows you to copy any cell value.